Marine/RV Chargers

Built in the USA, Diversified Power International’s (DPI) Heavy Duty Deep Cycle Battery Chargers provide an intelligent charge for your batteries. DPI’s products are built to include a microprocessor that carefully analyzes your battery’s recharging requirements and completely recharges your batteries to 100%. This design will help prolong the life of your batteries. DPI Battery Chargers are available for Golf Cars (36V & 48V), Electric Vehicles (36V & 48V), Floor Cleaning Machines (24V), Aerial Work Platforms (24V) and specialty applications. DPI chargers are user friendly, fully automatic and are built with multiple safety features.

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Lester Electrical is the worldwide leader in producing industrial battery chargers,
custom electrical products, and power management systems for the electric
vehicle and stationary power markets. Lester has become the industry standard
synonymous with quality and reliability. All of Lester’s products are proudly
designed and
built in the United States.