Residential Energy Storage Solutions


Trojan Battery is proud to present our robust Residential Energy Storage Solutions, Solaress 4.92 & Solaress 9.84, which provide tremendous emergency backup power capability, especially during devastating storms, or grid brown/blackouts in your home. Our systems are designed to be used for both grid interactive and off-grid applications.

Solaress 4.92 is ideal for average home use while Solaress 9.84 is ideal for mid to large size homes. This plug-n-play unit can easily be installed to provide sustained emergency backup power for your home. The Solaress system is modular with storage capacity that can easily be expanded based upon your requirements.

Solar panels (purchased separately) charge maintenance-free deep-cycle Trojan Solar AGM batteries that provide up to 5 days of autonomous residential backup power depending upon household requirements and can easily be configured for longer durations.

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Model 4.92

Average Home
Most commonly sold Residential Energy Storage system that supports sustained power outages.

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Model 9.84

Enhanced Storage
For larger Residential generation and storage requirements as well as light commercial.

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