MBA6N4B2A5 Product Image

Power-Sonic 6N4B-2A-5

Model MBA6N4B2A5
Manufacturer POWER-SONIC
BCI Group
Battery Type Flooded
Battery Application MOTORCYCLE / ATV/UTV
Voltage 6
Length (102mm)
Width (48mm)
Height (96mm)
Weight 1.7 Lbs
5 HR Rate AH |
10 HR Rate AH4
20 HR Rate AH |
100 HR Rate AH |
Capacity 25 amps
Capacity 56 amps
Capacity 75 amps
CCA 32

High quality, yet competitively priced, our Power-Sonic Super Sport Series offers a complete line of batteries to meet all of your Powersport needs. Our broad range of sizes and battery types makes the Power-Sonic Super Sport Series one of the best choices available on the market today!