CBAU1L-BJC Product Image

Powertron BCI Grp U1L Commercial Battery

Manufacturer POWERTRON
BCI Group U1
Battery Type Flooded
Battery Application STARTING
Voltage 12
Length 7.75 (195mm)"
Width 5.19 (132mm)"
Height 7.31 (186mm)"
Weight 16.50 lbs.
5 HR Rate AH |
10 HR Rate AH |
20 HR Rate AH |
100 HR Rate AH |
Capacity 25 amps 30
Capacity 56 amps
Capacity 75 amps
CCA 230
CA 285

Powertron Commercial batteries are designed to deliver the power you need even in the worse of conditions. Available in 2 powerful grades, heavy duty, and our top of the line Extreme Heavy Duty. If you are looking for the right battery with the most power you can get for your application, The Powertron Commercial Battery was designed with you in mind!