Fullriver Batteries

Fullriver Battery Manufacturing Company Ltd. has earned a worldwide reputation as a premier quality lead-acid battery manufacturer. Specializing in valve-regulated, sealed lead-acid batteries, Fullriver’s line of high-performance deep-cycle batteries provide a “Clean and Green” alternative to conventional wet/flooded hazardous batteries.

Fullriver produces only sealed maintenance-free, non-hazardous and non-spillable batteries that can be used upright or on their side. These superior battery designs are leak proof, shock and vibration resistant, and are safe for air, sea and ground transportation.

Fullriver deep-cycle batteries are used in many applications including; boats, RVs, solar and wind power, electric vehicles, electric golf cars, floor cleaning machines, aerial work platforms and many more. Trojan Battery Sales is Fullriver’s Factory Warehouse for the southeast United States and the Caribbean.

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