Optima Batteries

Optima’s high-performance AGM batteries are like no other batteries in the world. Optima is the “ultimate power source,” with a wide range of products built to provide exceptional value for a host of applications. With the unique Spiralcell design, Optima offers the most advanced technology and provides a strong, stable, and clean power source that exceeds every other filled lead-acid battery available today.

Whether it is for automotive, commercial, marine, high performance car, classic car, RV, truck, SUV, audio, or electronic purposes, Optima has a starting or deep-cycle battery to fit any need. Optima is committed to supplying customers with the highest quality batteries to guarantee maximum performance. With their custom line of batteries, Yellow Top, Red Top, and Blue Top, Optima ensures that their batteries have a longer life than any other battery. Optima carefully inspects each and every battery to check that:

  • there is no shedding of active paste material
  • the Spiralcell design prevents plates from moving, in order to keep the active paste from working loose
  • they employ a high purity lead-tin grid
  • they use a grid material in their batteries that is more resistant to grid degradation

At Trojan Battery Sales, we are committed to offering “Powerful Brands at Competitive Prices,” and Optima batteries are certainly no exception. Optima batteries are maintenance free, non-hazardous, affordable, and tough. With Optima under your hood, we guarantee a longer lasting battery life and 100% satisfaction.

For a complete list of outstanding Optima products or for more information about warranties, contact us today.

Featured Optima Batteries